About Us

A Brief History Of Our Shitty Organisation

The Story

Corporation of nerds began when three Grade 7 students decided they could make as much money as PewDiePie (the way we saw it, he's quite annoying and not very funny, so surely we could do better) from playing videogames on YouTube. These three were Rory Larkins, Steven Samaras and Marcus Garvey. In almost no time at all, Marcus found himself working with two people who weren't really motivated to continue. The video upload rate suffered greatly because of this. These two formally left the channel. Marcus doesn't hold it against them, they were young and for them, running the channel was a novelty, not a hobby. Marcus enjoyed running the channel and editing videos, so he continued. Which brings us to about now. Marcus now makes videos by himself and sometimes asks his friends to come on as guests. He is working on expanding the channel into different genres, as he enjoys short film direction and game DEVELOPMENT. So, the best things are still to come.